The Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs

The health of your employees impacts more than just medical costs. Healthy employees are more productive, happier, less stressed, and work with increased morale. Over 75% of healthcare spending is caused by preventable health risks, such as:

  • Inadequate exercise
  • High cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure

Company wellness programs provide employees with tools, social support, incentives, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy habits. Unhealthy lifestyle choices often result in chronic diseases and corporate wellbeing programs can help people minimize their chances of developing these conditions. 

Chronic diseases cost businesses over a trillion dollars in lost productivity annually. This is one of the reasons corporate wellness is so popular today. Promoting healthier behaviors in the workplace and choosing the right corporate health partners can pay dividends in many ways.

The top corporate wellness providers reward employees for taking care of themselves, provide digital and physical assistance for staff, and have clinicians available 24/7 to support employees with advice on their physical and mental health.


Wellness Programs and Your Employees 

Most global employers implement health promotion strategies, and the Strategic HR Review estimates that over 70% of employers offer corporate wellness programs. Research has proven that these programs benefit both employers and employees. 

Below are five key benefits you and your employees can enjoy if you work with corporate wellness partners:

  1. Increased Productivity.
    One of the leading causes of low productivity is poor health. When your employees are unhealthy, they can feel exhausted and less motivated to work. The best workplace wellness programs support wellness activities that help employees adopt healthy behaviors such as regular exercise. Wellness activities can increase performance and productivity as employees feel more focused and motivated to complete tasks.

  2. Adopt Healthy Behaviors.
    A significant benefit of introducing corporate wellness programs into your workplace is improving employees’ mental and physical health. A well-curated wellness program can help employees improve their diet and exercise, cut down on smoking and alcohol, and increase their confidence. As your employees are educated and incentivized around health and wellness, they can reduce their risk of severe health problems and help prevent chronic diseases. 

  3. Increased Employee Engagement.
    Corporate wellness companies can help you establish a wellness culture, creating an engaged and focused workforce that considers good health beneficial to their careers. Group activities such as fitness challenges, walking meetings, and tasks that center employee wellbeing can connect your employees and the business as a whole.

    Wellness programs work hard to engage all members of a company, helping people to form new relationships. Additionally, a corporate wellness program benefits and engages your employees outside of the workplace. This is advantageous as it makes staff feel a positive impact on their lives, making them want to stay with the company longer.
  4. Reduced Stress.
    Millions of people face workplace stress in their day-to-day lives, which can be unhealthy for employers and employees alike. Stress can lead to poor employee health, reduced productivity, and unnecessary sick days.

    Health and wellness companies that provide corporate wellness programs to reduce stress can significantly improve employees’ performance. When staff feel less stressed, turnover rates decrease, and the overall health of employees is improved. In turn, healthcare costs can be reduced for employers.

  5. Improved Employee Retention.
    Corporate wellness programs have a positive impact on employee retention. Successful programs help to keep employees loyal and happy in their jobs. Employers that encourage personal and professional development are regarded as attractive options for prospective employees.
If you offer your employees the option to enroll in a corporate wellness program, you show that your business is concerned about its staff’s health and wellbeing. Successful programs emphasize the importance of employee wellbeing, indicating that the company is forward-thinking and cares for its workforce.

Offering a corporate wellness program makes employees feel appreciated and valued — two pivotal factors in recruitment and employee retention. When your employees feel like valuable assets to the company, they’re less likely to look for a job elsewhere.

Corporate Wellness Programs That Actually Work

Integrated 360

Integrated corporate wellbeing programs bring all elements of care together in one place. 

  • Efficient integrated 360 programs provide dedicated care teams for each employee. These teams could include primary care doctors, specialized clinicians, insurance navigators, and mental health professionals.
  • The benefit provider can also give employers regular metrics to help you understand how your staff uses their services.
  • Integrated 360 programs should cover four areas of concern for employees around COVID-19:
    • Information around preventative measures
    • Supply daily screening questionnaires for employees working out of offices
    • Provide comprehensive return-to-work solutions with COVID-19 screening, testing, and vaccination protocols
    • Offer mental health screening to gauge how employees are coping with COVID-19-related stress and anxiety

Behavioral Health

Employers should provide corporate wellness programs that support mental health. Employers offering mental health benefits are at an advantage compared to those who fail to provide these sought after services. 

Efficient corporate wellness programs assess the culture of an organization before implementing mental health programs. This way, they can acknowledge any cultural drivers that may influence or impact employees’ mental health. 

Eden Health provides one-on-one talk therapy with individuals via video visits to discuss a wide range of mental health-related issues. Additionally, we incorporate mental health screening into our primary care approach, to ensure that we’re providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to care. 

Insurance Navigation

Insurance navigation and support helps employees understand how their dental, vision, and healthcare plans work by answering their questions on things like:

  • Copays and plan deductibles
  • Explaining and verifying complicated bills based on services rendered
  • Providers, services, and facilities covered by their health plan
  • Identifying and leveraging ancillary benefits
  • FSA & HSA yearly participation and cost allocations

Additionally, an efficient corporate wellness program should include bill advocacy, helping patients to:

  • Verify the accuracy of large and complex bills
  • Submit insurance claims
  • Submit claim appeals

Healthcare navigation services help to explain health insurance plans to their beneficiaries and purchasers. They work hard to mediate between insurers, businesses, and employees, ensuring that employees understand their plans and have insurance that’s best suited to their needs.

Concierge Service

A concierge service can help your organization develop a ‘people first’ approach to employee wellbeing.

Concierge services provide a comprehensive care platform for employees. They help establish a positive working environment while focusing on the factors that keep employees happy and healthy.

As part of our concierge service, Eden Health can:

  • Check in after each appointment
  • Share our patients’ medical records with new specialists or providers
  • Be contacted 24/7 to provide medication refills, explain results, and answer any post-appointment questions

Better Primary Care

Well executed corporate wellness programs provide excellent standards of primary care. At Eden Health, our providers examine, diagnose, and treat patients in a primary care and specialty care capacity, including:

  • Transitions of care
  • Assessment of emergencies and facilitation of care
  • Chronic and complex condition management, referrals, and support
  • Emergency and acute care follow-ups
  • Referral management and coordination with specialists, outside primary care providers, inpatient facilities, and other care partners
  • Health examinations, screenings, therapies, and treatments 

Modern Day Wellness Programs for Every Employee 

Today’s employees approach job hunting with a predetermined list of expectations. After adapting to a “new normal” during COVID-19, people have become more health conscious than ever before. If you want to keep your current employees and attract top talent, you must offer corporate wellness programs as part of your employment package.

Modern day workers:

  • Are used to working remotely
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Are smart with their data 
  • Believe in open communication
  • Utilize modern technology and tools

They expect a corporate wellness program that meets their requirements and exceeds their expectations.

A Flexible, Intuitive User Experience

Using Eden Health, your employees can access the care they need when they need it. Access to providers is easy as sending a message in the Eden app. For most members, issues can be solved without any in-person care. Our clinicians are also able to travel to employees’ offices to host temporary pop-up clinics for a range of care services. 

Virtual care is available 24/7, with an average response time of seven minutes. Plus, our healthcare providers are full-time employees that are specially trained in delivering virtual care. 

A Dedicated, Connected Care Team

Each Eden Health user is assigned a dedicated Care Team. This means members will communicate with the same mental healthcare providers, insurance navigators, and primary care providers every time they use the app. If an Eden medical office is nearby or onsite, the provider an employee sees in person could be the same person they communicate with on the Eden Health app. This helps employees and providers build strong relationships and foster trust through each interaction.

A Focus on the Importance of Mental Health Care

On the Eden Health platform, primary care and mental healthcare providers work together. As psychological and physical symptoms frequently overlap, primary care providers regularly conduct mental health screenings. Referrals between providers are common, creating seamless care and reassuring patients that they can access the mental healthcare they need.

Access to Specialists

Eden Health is able to refer members to specialists who are in-network, highly-rated, are available to take on new patients, and provide a timely appointment.

Personal guidance from our Care Team makes this process even more efficient. When referrals are required, our primary care providers contact specialists and discuss the patient’s needs during the hand-off process. After a visit, our providers follow up with the patient and discuss results.

By coordinating with specialists, our primary healthcare providers can save patients time and money.

Work With Eden Health

When choosing a corporate wellness provider, evaluate your existing initiatives and think of ways you can improve. Consider new ideas that can have a positive impact on your workforce. Stress management, mental health and wellbeing, mindfulness, and flexibility for caregivers are all important employee offerings.

We also recommend speaking to your employees and asking what they find most valuable in a corporate wellness program.

Do you want to improve employee health and productivity? Contact a member of the Eden Health team today and discover how we can help you.

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