Pop-Up Health Clinics Provide Convenient Access To Better Primary Care

Despite universal consensus that good primary care is essential to a well-functioning healthcare system, primary care visits in the U.S. are on the decline.  One of the biggest reasons for this decline is that going to the doctor is inconvenient.  As a result, many people delay going to the doctor until they are very sick which means they aren’t getting the comprehensive care they need.


One tool that we have found extremely effective for increasing usage of primary care among our clients is on-site primary care pop-ups. At a pop-up, we set up a mini clinic on site at a company’s office – in a conference room, break room, or other private space.  During the pop-up, our providers are available, supplies in tow, for 30-minute primary care appointments on issues ranging from preventative (e.g., annual wellness exams, flu shots, screenings) to acute (e.g., cold, flu, nausea) to chronic (e.g., allergies, diabetes, back pain).  And where recent studies have reported that most Americans are not getting recommended preventative care, 68% of our pop-up visits are used for preventive care, in part because of how easy these visits are to access.


Whether it’s retail, food, or entertainment, pop-ups get people talking.  In healthcare it’s no different: nothing says ‘don’t forget your flu shot’ better than a white coat walking by your desk.  Once people know their privacy and confidentiality are being respected, they are more than happy to spread the word about having had a helpful visit with a PCP in the convenience of their workplace.  Our numbers prove this as we usually see an 8% lift in employee engagement after a pop-up occurs.


Perhaps most importantly, pop-up visits are often an entry point into primary care which is a crucial entry point into the healthcare system overall.  Many of our patients first engage with us at a pop-up clinic, and then continue to receive care afterward both virtually and in-person at our medical offices. In fact, 68% of patients that visit a pop-up go on to subsequently get care from us through other channels (i.e., via our app, by phone, or in-person at our medical offices).

In one case, a patient came to a pop-up clinic with complaints of generalized anxiety and wrist pain.  After the visit, we engaged with him on our app for ongoing management of his anxiety medication and to refer him to a therapist.  We also referred him to a radiology facility for an ultrasound. After receiving his ultrasound results, we followed up by phone to explain them so that he could make an informed treatment decision.

Another patient came to a pop-up for a wellness visit during which they shared concerns of chronic back pain. During the visit, we worked with the patient to develop a long term Care Plan to see a physical therapist.  After the visit, we referred the patient to an in-network physical therapist and subsequently followed up virtually on his progress.

These examples illustrate that by making care extremely accessible, pop-up clinics provide the basis for an ongoing primary care relationship and help create a healthier workplace.

Pop-ups are easy to implement with Eden Health - all you need to do is book a room at your office and spread the word (we’ll give you all the info). Eden Health will take care of the rest. 

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