Next-gen healthcare for high-tech: Eden Health is a perfect fit for data-driven Tapad

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It’s no exaggeration to say HR Director Ashley Angioletti is a big fan of Eden Health. One thing she likes is the continuity of care they offer.

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“With Eden, patients can start out having a health conversation on Eden’s mobile app, then continue the conversation as they go into the clinic.” Ashley understands how users transition easily between mobile devices and the real world, because that’s her company’s bread and butter. Angioletti is Director of People Operations at Tapad, the world leader in cross-device identity resolution. Tapad helps marketers find potential buyers by tracking users’ interests across phone, tablet, desktop, and CTV.

This kind of big-data analysis requires plenty of number crunchers and software engineers. “At Tapad, our global head count is just under a hundred, and about half of those people are engineers,” says Angioletti. “Our median age is probably late twenties to mid-thirties.” Tapad’s young, tech-savvy team appreciates the fast, effortless access to care provided by Eden’s robust mobile app. “Our engineering population likes getting care virtually, or by typing a message, and it just works. But for the whole team, there hasn't been a learning curve in using Eden’s app; the user interface is simple and easily accessible. I think this is the future of healthcare, and Eden’s doing a great job—they're killing it.”


Of course, the app is just the gateway to the broad spectrum of care delivered by Eden’s trained professionals. Online and at its clinics, Eden provides not only primary medical care but also mental health care and help in navigating insurance benefits. “The fact that Eden is able to offer all of these services in one package makes them an appealing convenience benefit,” says Angioletti. “Someone may be experiencing physical symptoms, so they're talking to a provider, which is great. But they may also need emotional and mental support. They can just reach out to Eden and speak with one of Eden’s own therapists. That really sets Eden apart from other healthcare options.”

And when employees reach out for any kind of care, the answer is immediate, says Angioletti. “People message on the app and they get a response within minutes, which is unheard of in the healthcare industry. Then providers follow up in the next few days to see how they're feeling, or to see if the prescribed medication is working. That really sticks out to our employees; it’s something they truly appreciate.” She also notes how Eden’s all-in-one structure helps employees get care easily and quickly: “Eden limits the hoops that you have to jump through—the number of people you have to talk to and the research you have to do—because it's all under the same umbrella.”

Eden provides not only primary medical care but also mental health care and help in insurance benefits.


As of Spring 2020, Tapad employees were working remotely due to the pandemic shutdown. More than ever during that time, Eden has been invaluable to employee health and peace of mind. “When the pandemic hit, it was a challenging time for people, especially in New York City. The fact that employees were able to leverage Eden to ease any concerns or provide screening really helped. We regularly email employees to remind them that they can use Eden for COVID-19 tests and screenings. We actually had some employees chime in to say, ‘I've already reached out to Eden and had a good experience.’”

Eden’s leadership in providing telemedicine—virtual visits with providers—continues to be useful. “We’ve always encouraged employees to take advantage of telemedicine; it’s one of the main drivers for us in using Eden. A lot of our employees are on the go. If they don’t need to visit a clinic and can get a solution virtually through the app, that’s more ideal for them.” Angioletti enthuses about Eden’s approach to telemedicine: “It's a time saver. It's a cost saver. There are so many different things that make it an ideal approach to healthcare, especially right now."


Angioletti enjoys working alongside Tapad’s motivated and energetic team. “I have strong relationships with most of the people here, and I know almost every employee's name. In the past, because of that rapport, people haven’t hesitated to come to me with healthcare questions: ‘Why am I paying this out of pocket? How do I find a specialist? Why do they say my provider’s out of network?’” Though Angioletti enjoys answering their questions, “all those little things can be very time consuming.” She has no shortage of other responsibilities, including payroll and benefits administration, staff communications, and performance management tasks.  

Thankfully Eden’s team includes clinical associates, who help employees manage health insurance claims and specialist referrals. “Eden Health has been able to assist our employees with all those questions. They've really reduced the legwork, not only for the employees but also for me—I'm not getting as many questions as I used to. Before, they took up 30% of my time, whereas now it's more like 10%.” With extra hours back in her day, Angioletti can “have more exposure to [Tapad's] executive team and be more strategic in [their] people offering to the company.”

Eden has also become a valuable information resource for Angioletti and her team. “I've reached out directly to Eden with employee questions I'm not exactly sure how to answer, and they’ve always come through for me. Eden has also been a great partner during benefits renewals, sharing with me industry trends around benefits and helping us offer perks that help us compete in our space.”


Software engineering is a competitive field, and companies like Tapad need to provide excellent benefits to attract and retain the best talent. “When it comes to benefits, we need to think outside the box and offer unique perks that set us apart from our competitors. Our people look at benefits as a big reason to stay at Tapad, and Eden helps us retain them—the turnover rate is lower.

“We have a feedback portal where employees submit anonymous comments. Something that consistently comes up is our strong benefits, and people specifically mention Eden Health.” Angioletti points out that excellent benefits not only retain employees, but also help teams stay focused and driven. “When people are happy, satisfied, more productive, and engaged in their work, you're seeing that outcome as a result of offering something like Eden.”

excellent benefits not only retain employees, but also help teams stay focused and driven.


Ashley Angioletti thinks Eden Health is a secret too good not to share. “I would tell any HR leader that I highly recommend Eden and that they need it. Everything they offer—the app, telemedicine, personalized care, mental health, insurance support—will make your employees really happy. And at the end of the day, that happiness is what leads to productivity. It's just an HR person's dream.”  

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