Eden Health Announces New, In-App COVID-19 Vaccination Features

Eden Health has rolled out three new in-app features that aim to make our clients’ preparation for workplace COVID-19 vaccination plans smoother. These new capabilities will help to ease scheduling confusion, centralize vaccination records, and provide additional state-by-state resources for Eden Health members. 


We are now pleased to offer: 

A COVID-19 Vaccine Waitlist.

vaccine-recordEden Health members located in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Illinois can register to join Eden Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Waitlist. Once appointment availability opens up at their preferred Eden Health location, our Care Team will reach out to schedule the vaccination. 

Members will be able to register for the Vaccine Waitlist by tapping the “vaccination” banner in the “Profile” tab of their Eden Health app or completing a vaccine screener by going to their “Profile” tab and selecting “Health Records” and then “Screeners.” After providing some demographic information, our team will be able to assess each patient’s eligibility. A member of Eden’s Care Team will reach out to schedule vaccine appointments as they become available.

Our healthcare providers and Healthcare Navigators will be available throughout the entire process — from scheduling to day-of support and follow-up questions. 

A COVID-19 Record Vault.Vaccine Record  

Eden members can store a record of their vaccination in our Vaccine Record Vault. Members who are vaccinated at an Eden Health location will be able to view their vaccination status, uploaded by a provider, in their Profile within 24 hours of their vaccine appointment. If a member receives a vaccine somewhere other than Eden Health, they’ll have the option to upload a photo of their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to their Profile. 

An upcoming feature release planned for later this month will give employers visibility to their workforce’s vaccination status on their dashboard. This feature will allow People Teams to gain clarity on the vaccination status of their workforce. Whether they’re vaccinated through Eden Health or through another provider, digital vaccination records will be easily stored in their Eden Profile and displayed in a dashboard, ensuring that your team has easy access to all the necessary information that will help inform your return-to-work plans. 

State-by-State COVID-19 Resources.

As vaccines become more widely available, it will be important for Eden Health members to keep an eye on the latest eligibility phases and updates from their local state governments. Members can use our state-by-state guide to stay on top of their local updates. 

In addition to masks and social distancing, widespread and equitable vaccine distribution will be critical to fighting the transmission of COVID-19. Eden Health is committed to working with our partners to help facilitate their return-to-work plans. We believe these newly released features will bring us one step closer to the shared goal of maintaining healthy and safe workplaces for all.

Interested in learning more about creating a return-to-work plan for your workplace? Our ebook, Returning to Work Safely: Medically Validated Approaches to COVID-19, is a free, six-step guide to follow as you plan to safely reopen your office.

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