Eden Health's Commitment to Employee Voter Participation

As Election Day approaches, it has never been more important to have your voice heard; yet the United States has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the developed world. At Eden Health, we are committed to strengthening our democracy by supporting a safe and healthy election. Consequently, we have joined the Time to Vote Initiative, a nonpartisan movement led by the business community, to contribute to the culture shift needed to increase voter participation in our country's elections.

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To provide our employees the time to vote on November 3rd, we are cancelling all internal meetings at Eden Health. We hope this gives our workforce the opportunity to get out and vote in their local communities. Our goal with this increased flexibility is to show our employees that they do not need to choose between working and casting their ballot. 

Additionally, Eden Health has become a member of the Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan group dedicated to creating a future where every citizen engages in shaping our country. We believe our democracy works better when everyone participates, and we strive to empower our community to do exactly that – whether it’s voting early in person, on November 3rd, or by mail. 

This election year, 99% of Americans are eligible to vote early. We are providing our employees educational resources to help them choose a voting plan that is right for them. The increased voting options will reduce the crowds and wait time at the polls on Election Day, making it easier to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and abide by the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing.

For more information on finding healthy voting options during the pandemic, visit the Healthy Voting Guide. We hope that you will join us in the democratic process by exercising your right to vote without sacrificing your right to stay healthy. 


















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