Customer Success Q+A: Workplace Safety, Vaccines & Benefits

With clients in a wide range of industries, how can Eden Health be a perfect fit for all of them? One important factor is Eden’s Customer Success team. They’re the minute-to-minute, day-to-day liaisons that align Eden’s capabilities with evolving client needs, ensuring that every request is answered and every promise fulfilled. We sat down with Julie Pliskin, Eden’s first Customer Success Manager, to learn what she does — and how she does it so well. 

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How did you wind up on Eden’s Customer Success team? 

I was previously working in marketing and I’d studied public health in college. I was interested in getting a job in the health tech industry and I found Eden. I originally applied for a completely different role as a medical assistant, who helps run the medical offices. I told Eden that I was open to that experience but long-term I saw myself more on the business side of the company. They were really receptive to that, so I became Eden Health’s first Customer Success account manager and the company’s seventh employee. I’m really happy that I got into Customer Success — it's something I want to continue to pursue because I think it's a good fit for me. 

You work directly with Eden’s clients, but what exactly do you do? 

Think of me as the Voice of the Customer. I provide important feedback and insights to the rest of our organization so they can use it to inform future decisions and products. On the customer side, I make sure that they have everything they need day-to-day and help them with their long-term goal — I’m their main point of contact for both of these things. This role has become more pronounced during the pandemic, as we've become trusted advisors and consultants for our customers regarding workplace safety policies, vaccines, and testing. 

We also help clients get the most out of Eden by driving employee utilization. We look at how many of their people are using Eden, identify areas for improvement, and communicate all of those insights to the employer. We supply them with different engagement campaigns so that patients start using our services more. If they need other kinds of customized educational materials, we work to help accommodate those specialized requests.

How do you help your customers? What do you do for them? 

Our customers count on us for pretty much everything under the healthcare and benefits umbrella. 

I'm always available for my customers and try to get them responses as quickly as possible, even at night or on weekends. For example, when COVID was new for everyone, including us, we immediately became that main resource for our customers, and we navigated the unknowns together. When we had our first COVID patient back in March 2020, their employer reached out to me, asking “what should we do?” Immediately, I was able to connect them with our medical director who provided guidance for them. 

How do you help Eden go above and beyond for clients? 

Eden is very proactive in the ways we want to engage with our clients and patients. We like to think we know what they’ll need before they even know it themselves. For example, we do behavioral health webinars on timely issues like employee burnout or coping techniques. We also established a COVID-19 vaccine task force to provide regular updates to customers as news about eligibility, authorization, and availability evolves. These are things that we proactively go out and offer to our clients. We go above and beyond what might be expected from a typical primary care practice.

How does employee engagement affect Customer Success?

Employees love Eden Health, which makes my job easier. We had one customer who, like a lot of other businesses, had to re-evaluate their budget and reconsider benefits like Eden in the wake of all of 2020’s disruptions. When their employees heard they might lose their Eden benefit, they were really upset about it. Their collective reaction prompted their HR team to continue our partnership, and I was grateful to be in a position to help them find a way to keep their Eden membership in spite of new budget constraints. 

What excites you about working for Eden Health? 

My favorite thing is seeing the impact that Eden Health has made on our patients. Every day in our online work chat, we get really awesome feedback that members share with us. Providers and healthcare navigators will post quotes from patients that are some variation of “Hands down the most thorough, personalized, incredible healthcare experience I have ever had in my life,” or “That was one of the best medical visit experiences I've ever had.” Knowing that I'm contributing to something that's creating such positive outcomes for people...that really motivates me. 

Do you feel empowered in your role? 

I definitely do. Each of the account managers on the Customer Success team manages our own book of business. I'm responsible for specific accounts that I feel empowered to take action on. It’s also great just being part of a startup — you wear many hats, you really have an impact on the product and what's happening at the company. You're not just one of like hundreds of employees working here. Since I started, we've grown a ton, which has been great, but I’m still able to make an impact as we grow. 

Would you encourage a friend to work at Eden? 

I think it's a really great place to work. We’re committed to a really important mission — providing excellent healthcare for people. And it's a terrific company culture. Though we’re working remotely right now, we have frequent online get-togethers. All of the employees are super smart and collaborative and fun to work with. It’s an all-around good workplace, so yes, I’d recommend it to a friend, no question! 

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