Why Pop-Up COVID-19 Testing is Here To Stay

COVID-19 vaccines are steadily making their way into the arms of millions of Americans across the country. While widespread immunization efforts are a huge part of what will make returning to some semblance of “normal” life possible, public health measures like masking, social distancing, and, yes, testing, aren’t going anywhere quite yet.

While those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are less likely to become ill or experience severe symptoms, we’re still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Current CDC guidelines for COVID-19 testing still recommend that vaccinated people who experience COVID-19 symptoms get tested for the novel coronavirus. 

On the other hand, vaccine hesitancy among certain groups and individuals remains high in the United States, and sustained testing for COVID-19 will continue to help mitigate the risk posed by unvaccinated people returning to  work settings. 

In the future, we may need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test, in addition to proof of vaccination, in order to travel to specific locations or enter a large venue. While we wait to see how effective the vaccines will be against community spread, against variants, and how long immunity may last, COVID-19 testing will still play a crucial role in how we interact with others and go about our daily lives. 

PPE and COVID-19 testing kits at a pop-up clinic


On a smaller scale, employers will have to institute policies and protocols for vaccines and COVID-19 testing. Pop-up clinics are one effective way to establish onsite testing for employees, should the need arise. 

At a pop-up, we set up a temporary mini clinic at a company’s workplace — either in a conference room, break room, or other private space. During the pop-up, our providers are available, supplies in tow, for 10-15 minute COVID-19 care appointments. We can conduct COVID-19 PCR, rapid, and antibody testing onsite or set up COVID-19 clinics as a drive-through as a safety precaution for patients that may be symptomatic.

Facilitating onsite COVID-19 testing as employees return to work will help you get up-to-the minute data on the health of your employees and help stop outbreaks before they start.


Pop-up COVID-19 testing is one layer of protection you can offer your employees as you begin to return to offices, host conferences or retreats, or travel for work. Onsite testing can be deployed alongside our other COVID-19 solutions to keep your employees safe at every turn. 

Eden Health also offers:

  • Active daily monitoring: Employees can take daily screeners via the Eden app that will clear them to either enter the office or isolate at home. Our providers will reach out via video visit to employees who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 for further evaluation. 
  • Employer dashboard: Employers have visibility into the results of active daily monitoring screeners, COVID-19 tests, and their employees’ vaccination status. The dashboard can help employers make informed decisions based on the daily workforce availability. 
  • A full scope of ongoing care: Eden’s suite of health services, available both virtually and in-person, include primary care, mental health care, and insurance navigation to support all employees.


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