A Message from Eden Health Co-founders Matt McCambridge and Scott Sansovich

Every company’s greatest asset is its employees. If this pandemic has underscored anything for business leaders, it’s that success is dependent on a healthy workforce. The country and the world learned many tough lessons last year, mostly that we were wholly unprepared for a health crisis of this magnitude. Yet business leaders across America quickly adapted by taking a more proactive approach to the health and safety of their customers, their employees and families, and their communities. 

Eden Health is honored to be able to help during this critical time. At the onset of COVID-19, we quickly developed a way for employers to screen their essential workers so that they could continue to provide crucial work. We recently completed our 300,000th screening and we have isolated over 1,500 potential superspreaders from entering workplaces and public places. 

The pandemic is but one part of the healthcare crisis Americans face. We decided to start Eden Health because we were obsessed with the idea of bringing systemic change to healthcare. The solution is creating a world where every person has a relationship with a trusted healthcare provider. Some in the healthcare system already have these relationships, so we aren’t starting from zero, but there is so much work ahead. As a society, we need to do better. 

Early on, we understood that working with employers is a critical pathway to progress. Employers buy healthcare for 160 million Americans and are fully aligned with patient populations. Both groups suffer when employees are unwell, so they both prioritize high quality care and superior patient experience while needing to keep costs in check.

Eden Health improves the patient experience by moving patient care away from being a transactional relationship to a personal one — building relationships that are continuous, proactive, and trusted.  We remove barriers, giving patients access to their collaborative Care Team both in-app 24/7 and in-person in our medical offices. And because that individual Care Team takes ownership for each and every patient’s specific health journey, Eden can help restore trust in healthcare and, perhaps surprisingly, can do it while reducing the total cost of care.

Today, Eden Health covers 40,000 sponsored members, but we are more committed than ever to bringing ‘collaborative care’ to the mainstream. We’re excited to announce our $60M Series C fundraise, which will allow us to continue to shape the future of healthcare. 

With this new capital, we will expand our physical footprint, opening new Eden Health medical offices in Chicago, D.C., Los Angeles, and Houston, with more to come. We will also make technology investments, developing new features to make Eden Health the most advanced Integrated Virtual Care platform, while continuing to be the most patient-friendly platform in healthcare.  

We are so thankful and proud of our incredible team. And we know we speak for everyone at Eden Health when we say that we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our patients and to show more companies and employees the impact that truly great healthcare can provide. 

Our goal is to create a world where every person has a relationship with a trusted healthcare provider —and we’re as steadfast as ever in ensuring that reality.


Matt McCambridge and Scott Sansovich

February 18, 2021



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